We are patients, people, pets -- believers in the healing, ethereal powers of this sacred plant. We are forging a new regulatory protocol for medicinal cannabis that benefits and belongs to the people in our awakening society. Welcome. Join the Movement!


We believe that our Identity, privacy and personal data should be owned and controlled by no one but us -- that the source of your Identity should be no one but you.

We believe it is our right to access the best cannabis medicine and related health care products, wherever they are found -- community, country, the world.

MedsVault is integrating its medicinal cannabis and well-being network with the Sovrin Foundation's Self-Sovereign Identity Trust Framework to bring fully-compliant self-empowerment to the people -- for the cannabis sector and beyond.

Sovrin SSID

Join this project, this new digital wave, to help make your lifestyle choices and their impact on society the way you ideally believe it should be.



MedsVault intrographic May

This is an opportunity for all of us who truly believe in the healing power of this wonderful plant. Together, we will use advanced next-wave web technology -- embraced by thousands of businesses and governments, to take back control of our privacy and personal health care data. We will work with our health care providers, the licensed medicinal cultivators, government regulators, scientists, researchers and ancillary service providers to ensure we have fair access to the world's best-in-class cannabis products and services.


To learn more and get involved in the beta testing, launch and roll-out of MedsVault, and to enjoy the benefits of this shared, connected initiative, sign-up below. Thank you.



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