Our Value-Circle of Benefits

GreenVaults is building collective projects for its platform co-operative that offer our members and their businesses a Value-Circle of Benefits -- find details below . . 


GV Value Circle of Benefits1

GreenVaults is an operationally-transparent organization, where the allocation of funds for all projects is voted on by the membership on a quarterly basis. The current allocation of funds for GreenVaults projects is shown here.


GreenVaults is aligned and working with, customizing and/or co-developing the platforms and initiatives shown in the site panels below and through site links provided. Our alliance platform partners are helping us deliver the Value-Circle of Benefits to our members and expanding the digital sharing economy in Canada.


As a creative individual and business owner, should you and/or your team have interest, skills, expertise and a passion to embrace our manifesto, GreenVaults will be contracting many valuable services to help design, build-out, customize, enhance and market the technologies shown below, and more, with assignments paid for from our allocated capital pools as they grow.


Platform Partners1


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